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2 years and then this

I just realised the last time I wrote something in here was about 2 years ago. Time really do fly nowadays… and it flies really fast. The past two years has been a real coaster ride. I lost my job after I came back from Japan ( no i didn’t get booted, the company I was working with was sold off and the new management wanted to bring in their own team ). I tried looking for jobs but it’s a bit difficult for a 40 year old woman with some experience – which most companies think that they need to pay me quite a sum of money monthly. Most companies here would prefer taking in someone inexperienced in order to pay them less.

I had to find a way to make money somehow. I still have to pay for my car loan and of course the hefty credit card amount that managed to make when i was in Japan. We’ll get back to that later. I’m still trying to dig up the infos in my memory bank where, when and what i did in Japan.

I was there with one of my ex who was from Ehime, Matsuyama. Obviously, that was our first stop. We took a flight from Penang (PEN) from where I’m from to Kuala Lumpur (KUL)  to Kansai (KIX)  and finally to Matsuyama (MYJ). We arrived quite late and the town was quite. Everything shuts down after 12.00 midnight – yes, even the pachinkos! The moon decided to show itself. I got this picture in spite of my ex nagging me to come in as it was very cold.


I woke up late the next morning. As I am Malaysian, I have this urge to take showers at least twice a day. My ex said I could only shower or take bath once a day and that is at night before sleep as it takes a lot of time for the water to heat up and that his mom would clean the bathroom everytime someone uses it. Much to his dismay, I took my shower every morning and every night. Haha! I don’t mind the cold water … and i made sure i cleaned up the best I could after every shower. Hey! His mother is a very ice dear old lady who still has a bundle of energy at the age of 88.

This is how a typical Japanese house would look like inside.

I took a walk by myself the next morning. It was the first time I’ve seen a fig tree. I got all excited.

1458623_10152746917936532_7799646353329763554_n 1623739_10152746917951532_6586197629530068875_n

He knew I like beaches. He took me to Michi no Eki (Futami Beach) later that day. The road to the beach was quite a long one. Took us about 45 minutes to get there. You will not feel the time as the scenery was beautiful. We came through Route 378 which runs along the Seto Inland Sea, passing through Iyo, Futami and Nagahama. It’s a popular road with drivers, riders, cyclists, offering vast views out over the sea on one side, and steep mountain ridges on the other.


The water is as clear as can be… and warm.


Saw a guy paragliding from the mountains. he must’ve had a spectacular view from way up there.

10014530_10152746923046532_7413294365282231729_n Image may contain: sky and outdoor

But what Futami is well known for is its sunset. When the sun sets anywhere along the Seto Inland Sea, it tends to be spectacular. But Futami offers a view uninterrupted by anything man-made, and the spectacle in the sky is reflected in the sea.

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Not surprisingly perhaps, Futami attracts couples in search of romance, and the place has become the site of a Lover’s Sanctuary Project. A plaque near the beach says, “Here we declare this land as ‘Lover’s Sanctuary’ to impart the joy and the magic of encounters, blissful marriages, and raising a happy home.


I think I will need to continue on another time. I need to sort out my pictures first. Haha

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