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I fell in love with Chiang Mai

It was end of the year. Most people around me was making plans on how to celebrate their new year, with who and where. I was getting miserable and thought a small quick get away would do me some good.

Without much thought i booked the tickets and set off to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

plane window






paddy fields from plane




The weather was nice and cooling. Different from where i came from which was hot and humid most of the time.


The first stop was the Waroro Market. One can almost find everything in here. It offers a wide range of delicacies from sweet strawberries to nuts to all kind of teas and also a wide selection of insects.


waroro market front

waroro market insects

near waroro marketIt was a thrilling experience but I was also tired. I decided to head back to the hotel to catch some rest before heading out to the night market.


jw marriot

The night market is very popular. With many, many items to offer. A good place to get your souvenirs from. To get a good price, you really have to haggle. A word of caution, haggle if you really want to purchase. If not, just move on.

kalare marketkalare market 2market

My idea of fun are visiting the zoos. I will go wherever and whenever I can. Since I have never seen a pandda bear all my life, i decided topay a visit to the Chiang Mai Zoo. It’s huge with lots of hills to climb. You can drive in if you come by a car. Would be advisable to do that for someone as lazy as I am. But, we went there with the share cab. No chance of not walking inside the zoo.

cnx zoo


There was this huge big crocodile made of stone as you enter. Had to take a picture there. Makes me feel I’m Crocodile Dundee!!cnx zoo croc


Many beautiful flowers and wood carvings in there as well. Just the feast

for my eyes that I need.cnx zoo flowers cnx zoo flowers1 cnx zoo tree carve


Many, many animals hippos, koalas, tigers etc…. only put a few pictures in. cnx zoo koalas cnx zoo panda
There was also a 3D Museum in town. Popped in there for a while. All 3 stories are full of 3D paintings.

3d museum 3d museum1 3d museum2 3d museum3

The Bai Orchid-Butterfly farm was also a delightful stop. Not so many butterflies though.bai orchid farm & butterfly orchid farm

The Thai Beef Noodle we had for lunch was scrumptious!! Yummeyh!!beef noodles

On the way to Chiangrai we stopped at Wat Rong Khun, the white temple. Beautiful with mirrors on the wall which glitters like diamonds under the sun.

The Artist Chalermchai Kositpipat native of Chiang Rai built this temple as offerings to the current King of Thailand Rama IX and at his town .
When the Temple will be finished it will consist of 9 separate buildings. Its main distinguishing feature is his white colour with inlaid mirrored glass. The white color of the Temple represents the Lord Buddha’s purity while the white glass stands for the Lord Buddha’s wisdom that shines brightly all over the earth.

For this extraordinary artist , Buddha represents the purity in the attainment of Nirvana .

glass temple surroundings4 glass temple surroundings5 glass temple surroundings6 glass temple surroundings7 glass temple surroundings8 glass temple surroundings9 glass temple surroundings10 glass temple glass temple1 glass temple2 glass temple3
Also, do not be suprised to find in different areas of the park around the temple, people and artistes who work , this place is constantly changing. The artist say by himself he will probably still be working on the project until the day when he dies.

Take your time to visit this amazing place , statues out of the lawn, cranes are hanging on the trees , all the places are the representation of our world that is sick.

glass temple surroundings glass temple surroundings1 glass temple surroundings2 glass temple surroundings3glass temple surroundings11

There are several building in the park and in one of them the artist sells his works , one of the buildings like a golden temple is none other than the toilet , even this place is to visit.

glass temple toilet glass temple toilet1

Then there’s the hot springs in Ciangrai. On one side there are vendors selling eggs for you to boil in the water from the hot springs chiang rai hot springs chiang rai1

Met with the long neck tribe too in their camp.long neck tribe A visit to the Maesa camp. Didn’t have the heart to see the show for long and couldn’t bring myself to ride one of these beautiful giants. Their bodies are just not built to carry a seat on their back for us to ride on. There might suffer back or spine problems later in life and I do not want to be apart from that. maesa elephant camp

Decided to walk around and was lucky to meet 2 very friendly giants who had no qualms about rummaging through my bag.maesa elephant camp1This was my new year. This was on the new years eve. Had the opportunity to fly a good luck balloon. It is believed to have the power to grant your wishes for the brand new year.  The city becomes one big party zone with numerous food and drink stalls lining the entire street and several music and dance performances by famed entertainers. All types of freshly prepared Asian food will be on sale.

new year new year1 new year2And my most favourite stop at Chiangmai is at the Tiger Kingdom in Mae Rim.

There are large, medium, small and smallest to choose from or you can go with the packages offered. We opted for the Large, small & smallest. Comes to around THB1260 per person.

If you are looking ways to save money on a holiday. This is definitely ot the place for you. Or can always opt to visit only 1 size tigers.

You can take as many photos as you want or you can have a photographer (provided by the Tiger Kingdom) to snap photos of you at a price.

Must,must MUST adhere to strict rules. No flash, no approaching from behind, no touching their heads and ALWAYS follow instructions from the trainers.

If many people, you are only limited to a certain amount of time to be with the tigers.

tiger kingdom tiger kingdom1 tiger kingdom2 tiger kingdom3 tiger kingdom4

He looks so cuddly and tame. But still give m the shivers when he turned ad stretched.
tiger kingdom5 tiger kingdom6

I love this pic!!tiger kingdom7

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