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From the Emirates Palace to the Dessert

I am  actually quite embarrass to tell everyone that this was actually my first trip so far outside Malaysia. Due to time & money constrains I wasn’t unable to go on a really far away place for a long time.

I got lucky when the former company I worked with offered me VSS. I took the offer and became officially an unemployed couch bum for about 5 months. Did a few odd jobs and thought that would be a good time for me to take a good long holiday.

I’m lucky my cousins husband is a pilot for an airline and got me a ticket to Abu Dhabi that was really, freaking cheap. Even that, he was so nice not to charge me at all for the tickets and I get to stay for free with them. I love you guys!!

This is my cousin’s place. Quiet, beautiful and near to a supermarket!!

1 house

Can’t exactly remember the itinerary, but i think the first place we went to was the Emirates Palace. LoL … too much Sex In The City perhaps.

emirates palace emirates palace 15

This right at the entrance.

emirates palace 1

The view when I looked up as I came into the hotel.emirates palace 11emirates palace 13

LoL!! You can even get gold from the vending machine.emirates palace 6

This is the lower ground floor.emirates palace 12

This is a hand made carpet on  the wall.
emirates palace 5

emirates palace 3

emirates palace 2

emirates palace 4


Even the toilet is beautiful!!emirates palace 8 These are the view outside the hotel.emirates palace 9 emirates palace 10
emirates palace 7AUH1

She also brought me to Dubai.

I got to see what the infamous Palm Jumeira looks like

jumeiraThe drive to Palm Jumeira



Then we went to the nearest
 shopping  centre. The Souk Madinat. A piece of advice… Don’t buy anything there. Very, very expensive.

souk madinat

souk madinat 3jumeira5heritage village10souk madinat2souk madinat1


Of course you can also see the very famous and very expensive hotel.The Al Burj Hotel. Ones trip to Dubai will not be complete without seeing this building.

burj2 burj 3 AUH7burj

Since we are there. Might as well stop at the Dubai Mall.
dubai mall2dubai mall8dubai malldubai mall5dubai mall4


The view outside the mall.

dubai mall7


Click in the picture above to see a video of the fountain outside the mall.

And the aquarium inside the mall is HUGE!!
dubai mall6dubai mall3Outside the mall, you can see the Burj Khalifa, known as Burj Dubai prior to its inauguration. It’s currently the tallest man made structure in the world at 829.8m (2,722 ft). Some might say…”Hey. I’ve seen this somewhere”. Most probably you did. Do you remember Tom Cruise in action in Mission Impossible IV – Ghost Protocol ? That’s where you have seen it.


mi4 mi3 mi2And Souk Al Bahar is just outside for your shopping pleasure.

souk al bahar mallIf you are lucky you might meet a falcon or two.

al jaber

Ha!!Ha!Ha! This is my favourite shot of all. Also my favourite day. Anybody who goes to Dubai or Abu Dhabi must, must, MUST go on a dessert ride. Its like riding a roller coaster but with more excitement.

with jeepAnyway, before the ride they will stop at the edge of the dessert ( where their camp is ) to release air from all the tyres. This will be where you can meet and hang around with the camels too.

camel1This is how their poo-poo looks like

dessert1Once they are ready, all will pile up and off you go!!

dessert4 dessert3 dessert2 dessert5dessert9There was a quick stop in the middle of the dessert for us to enjoy the sand and the wind. Surprisingly it was not as hot as I anticipate it to be.

dessert10 dessert11dessert20This was our ‘roller coaster’ driver. Good driver with spectacular skills for more awesomeness.dessert26dessert22Us on the same land cruiser minus a few more.dessert13Heh! Heh! I cannot help myself but to take some of the soft sand home.dessert14After the stop. We bundled up again into the land cruiser heading to a small settlement in the middle of the dessert. You can opt to spend the night there. We didn’t though. My cousin had her daughters waiting for her at home.

dessert6There you can ride the camels and do a little sand surfing. Where i fell most of the time… Thank God the sand was soft. If not, I would’ve broke my skull and bones.

One is Jamil (male) and another is Jamilia (female)

camel2dessert8dessert12AUH5dessert16 Even the camel owner laughed at me as I was giving praise to God for taking are of me while I was on the camel.dessert17Tried many, many times but I have no energy to climb the sand dune… it was very, very high.dessert23dessert25 dessert21dessert24Fell so many times… might as well pose !!dessert18Henna hand paint is absolutely free.


At night after dinner there was a little belly dancing.

dessert27Last, the will switch off all the lights. For us to enjoy the stars – and of course the shisha.

Made friends with 2 nice German guys. 🙂

AUH4 dessert7
All to all… that day was something that I would remember for the rest of my life.

A s soon as it began, we had to pile up in the landcruiser and head back to town.

after the ride


p/s: Found a new way to travel. Satisfying, cheap without sacrificing the luxury and of course the reimbursements comes in handy for my next trip.

Just need to go to click below to find out. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need further info.


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