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For those Interested – My Secret


Well actually I’m a sucker who got sucked up into World Venture. No, don’t get me wrong. For me it’s all good. WV does not only give me the chance to travel further, but also meet good friends locally & internationally.

And no… I still have a job. It is just that my leave days are usually spent going on actual holidays and not just staying at home.

For those of you who doesn’t want to be part of WV, I think that is fine. The business or the club is not for everybody. It might be my cup of tea but it not be yours.

I did do some research before i joined, and found about the WV scam and everything, it freaked me out and I did do a lot of thinking.  But in the end, I decided to give a go. Heck! I have done more foolish things in life. What’s another one!

Some might complain, some might have bad experience with WV. Well as they say… you can’t please everyone.

Ever since i joined WV, I travel more and with longer stays. What I can say is, i have had a great experience !! ( LoL!! Only from travelling. Because I’m really not a people person and I am terrible at doing sales!! )

WV gives me opportunities.

For instance :Some do it for the money. You need thousands of dollars to start a business right? Maybe yes, maybe no. WV joining fee is USD360.91( only one time payment ) and like any other business, its  just how u make it work.

It’s really up to you how you make your monthly USD66.10 work for you and to multiply. If you are interested in the money making part of it.

Or if you are really bad in sales (like I am ) it just become an expense that I pay every month.

The monthly fee is use to maintain the 3 websites we have. But if you manage to get 4 people under you who are active. Then voila!! No more USD66.10.

From the one time joining fee you will get 150 points ( same as USD150.00 ) and additional 50 points from the USD66.10. Or still the same 50 points monthly if you manage to get 4 people under you.

These points can be used to redeem for their Dreamtrips. About 700++ trips annually and building.

Heck! Some say the choices are limited. LOL!! I don’t mind. Why? Because I am not sure I can go to all of them. I still have the luxury to pick and choose with the choices given.

I am however embarrass to say that I have not been on any Dreamtrip. I usually go on my own dreamtrip hehehe.

I gain my money from there. Although it requires more work on my side to get paid but it’s totally worth it.

All I have to do is make price comparison with what they are offering and what others are offering. Book with them and submit the differences to them. So far, so good. I get paid back the differences PLUS another 50%. This works for airline tickets, car rentals, hotels, cruises etc

Friends say that if one can find the same package as Dreamtrips but cheaper than the price they offer, they will pay back 100% of our holiday. Can’t talk much about this though as I myself personally have not tried it.

You guys probably will get a better idea by watching this video.

or if you are interested to be a money making machine

All payment is being done between you & directly to WV. No third party involvement.

And oh! You are always welcome to ask questions. I will be more than happy to answer them or happier still if you want to be a member ( hint! hint!)

But if you are only here to condemn and make me or others feel bad. Please feel free to NOT waste both of our time.

I’m speaking basically from my experience who is a travel junkie but a bad sales person. And only God knows how much I envy those who has the ability to do so.


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