Big Ol Me


Yup! Life is full of bullshits.

Surrounded by people telling, saying, doing, promising bullshits.

I get those all the time. Up the point where I am tired…so, so tired.

I have tried to stay true to every word I say. To keep all promises given. These two traits of mine are considered STUPID!!

And me believing in these people? Is STUPID-ER!!

I saw this picca and I thought to myself : How true.

I am sure I am not alone in this predicament.

The funny thing is. All of these BULLSHIT-ERS have no conscience. They do it without any second thought. They have extremely high self confidence. So sure of every word and everything they do. And always, ALWAYS think they are right.

“Everybody makes mistakes” does not imply to them. What they believe is “Everybody ELSE makes mistakes” and they think they are the epitome of perfection.

Hah! Perfection my foot!!

I for one, am taking a step back. I need to breath in a little bit of fresh air.

Thanks for feeding me bullshits all these time. What you need is another bullshit-er. That would compliment you very nicely.

The world is round. Whatever you dish out would eventually go back to you.

Call it vengeance. Call it whatever you like. I simply don’t care anymore.

You are a mean, selfish, evil S.O.B

What you need is 1 tight slap of your own medicine !!

And I hope you get one soon.

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