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Really Happy or Pretend Happy?

Looking around I can only wonder if the people around me are actually happy.

Sometimes we joke and laugh just to hide what we truly feel in our heart.

Why do we mask our feelings? 

1. People nowadays don’t give a shit about others. We are too busy living our lives, paying our debts to notice anything much. If someone laughs we take it for granted that this person is happy.

2. Sometimes when we pretend hard enough, we are able to fool ourselves,



This is rather sad but unfortunately this is what most of us go through, Pretending is the easiest way out. Maybe…its the ONLY way out.



But with all honesty. What would you do if you see your colleague or some stranger in the bus/plain/train etc. crying? Not the loud, sobbing kind of cry. The ones where you can see that this person is trying very hard to stifle her cry but cannot control the tears from trickling down her cheeks.

Mostly we pretend not to have seen anything.

But then there are also those who thinks they are helping by giving advices. 

Don’t they get it?? When you are down in the dumps, the last thing you want to hear is an advice!!

A quiet hug is much, much more welcome and comforting.

Trust me. It is enough.

In fact, it is just what that person needs.


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